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Teething bites… really…

Jonah’s first tooth poked through his gum when he was five months and three days – he was considered an “early teether”. It was the little left tooth on the front bottom. And it was super cute when it came through. Within a couple of weeks, it was a full-grown, white baby tooth in his little gummy mouth. Shortly after that, we noticed that he was showing the signs that the second front tooth on the bottom right was planning its debut.

Only, days and weeks went by, and the little tooth still didn’t erupt. Then, one day, we noticed that there was a bruise on his swollen gum, and he seemed uncomfortable, so I emailed the pediatrician, who in turn suggested that we call our dentist because it sounded like Jonah might have an “eruptive hematoma”. Basically, the gum was bruised because the tooth was impacted, and he needed to be treated by a dentist. Really? A dentist? The kid was only six months old – but I called Dr. Yumiaco (affectionately known as the “Tooth Whisperer” amongst our family) and she said to bring him in. She confirmed that it was indeed an eruptive hematoma, but because he was so little, she didn’t have the equipment to take an x-ray, and we’d need a referral to a pediatric dentist, which she gave us right then and there.

The next day, Justin and Alyssa (the nanny) took Jonah to the second dentist. This guy was far from awesome. He talked over Justin, managed to  make Alyssa feel totally uncomfortable, didn’t listen to what was actually happening, didn’t take an x-ray, or even look into Jonah’s mouth, and focused on the fact that we weren’t brushing the one tooth that Jonah already had. He did nothing to ease poor Jones’ discomfort and said “that tooth will be in in the next two days.”

About 10 days later, and with no help from the second dentist, the tooth finally poked through. And then that was it. For about three months, there was no sign of another tooth – that is, until two weeks ago.

That morning, when Jonah woke up, I noticed that the third bottom tooth (next to the formally impacted one) had just broken through the gum. The little razor sharp pearly white was on its way. We had a play date with McKenna and Thora that day, and Jonah was in a fine mood. So, I was pretty surprised that by the time I got Jonah ready for bed that night, I noticed that the top front left tooth had poked through that day, too! “Not a sign of a tooth for three months, and then two teeth in one day! Crazy!” I thought.

Well, the little machine wasn’t finished there! About five days after that, I realized that his second top front tooth was coming through, too. Another couple of days, and the THIRD top tooth showed up! In a matter of about 10 days, the kid went from two teeth to six teeth! It’s bonkers, and we’re fortunate, because his “grumpy teething baby” is nothing compared to how grouchy most kids get. He drools buckets, and chews on EVERYTHING, but he’s pretty much unfazed by the whole thing. He also thinks it’s hysterical to start to bite me while he’s nursing, and then he laughs and laughs while looking up at me as I’m telling him “no, Jonah, no biting, be nice to momma!” My little baby is growing up and he has the jack-o-lantern smile to prove it.

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Six months old…

Dear Jonah,

Today you are SIX MONTHS OLD. I can’t believe it!

I can’t believe that six months ago, right at this moment, I was sitting at my desk, just as I am now, but I was in labor, and I had no idea. It was my birthday, and I was at work, breathing through what I thought was false labor. I didn’t know how incredibly, drastically different that day was about to be.

Since it’s your half-birthday today, I want to say thank you.

 Thank you for being this amazing, bright, funny, full of your own personality boy. Thank you for being half of me and half of your dad, and yet, totally your own little being.

You are so beautiful, and every day, I look at you in awe, and my eyes well up, because I had no idea how much I could love someone else, until I had you. You have changed our lives, and made us love each other more, too.

You are changing right before our eyes and you’re becoming more of a boy and less of a baby every day. And I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you and your dad.

Thank you for being born, and proving to me that I am so much stronger than I could have ever imagined. You are my life, sweet boy, and I love you.



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Nanny Wanted:

  by jhateball
a photo by jhateball on Flickr.

Do you look exactly like this? Do you love exactly like this? Are you exactly this person and/or exactly this cool?

Then you are hired.

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