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January 18

January 18 is always an interesting day for me. It’s my birthday, sure, but as a kid, I remember weird things happening on January 18 of every year. Particularly, on my sixth birthday when we got the call that my great-grandpa Binder had passed away. A few years later, while walking around the cemetery in Burlington, IA with my grandma, I realized that several (three or four?) men on her side of the family had all passed away on January 18 of various years – some going back as far as the 1800′s. I was a pre-teen, and pretty creeped out by this. I thought it was super weird that all of that had happened on my birthday. Then, a cousin chimed in and said “no, it’s good that it happened on your birthday – you changed the luck of that day by being born.”

I hadn’t thought about it in years until this year when I guess it really hit me that Jonah was also born on my birthday. I tried to do a Google search to find out what the probability of that is, but I didn’t have any luck… mathematicians… any help? Anyway, Justin and I have tried to do something exciting to celebrate my birthday for the last several years (giving birth was exciting, no?) so I decided to start my own new tradition. I’m going to take one picture on my birthday every year that will capture what is going on in our lives.

Here are the pictures for the last three years:

2010 – Justin and Rachel in Tokyo Disneyland

2011 – Family portrait at the hospital

2012 – Family portrait in Seattle

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Jonah and I decided to make Valentine’s cards for his grandmas and aunties this year. Well… he “helped” anyway.

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Month-by-Month: 12 Months


The big one. Posted months late. Entirely and completely overshadowed  by the epic party that Rachel painstakingly put together…effectively making her birthday (which of course she shares with Jonah) just as stressful and weird as her last birthday.

Jonah is here to stay. A real person. For reals. He has personality. He asserts himself. There is continuity there…which is really weird and scary and exciting. No more groundhog’s day reset…he will remember.

And, when we took this photo, he was pretty upset about it all.









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Jonah thinks he’s The Hulk.

It started a couple of months back when he’d pull his socks off and squeeze the life out of them – for no apparent reason. Then, with a little encouragement, he started doing it in his high chair because he realized it made everyone laugh. Then, he realized he could “Hulk” and bite down on his spoon while we were feeding him.

I took it upon myself to start training my little monkey and to get him to do it when someone says “Jonah – Hulk!” and it worked! He stated “Hulking” on command. And it was awesome! Now, he’s a bit more fickle about it, and he has to be in the right mood. But it is amazing.

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Bud Shot!

Jonah is a ham… that is all.

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Dear Jonah,

I wanted to write you a little note to tell you about Doughboy. Doughboy was your first dog. He was a fantastic dog, but by the time you were born, he was already an old man. He got sick right around the time you were born, but he stuck around to watch you grow up for as long as he could. In October, we had to have Doughboy put to sleep, which was the right choice for him, and a really hard choice for Daddy and I to have to make. We were sad for a long time, but you did a great job of cheering us up. We miss him a lot. He was your pal, too, and I wanted to post this picture so that you’d remember him.



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Your Doughboy


The really hideous, ugly, atrocious truth is that you will very likely need photos like this to remember your Doughboy. With whom you are absolutely fascinated at the moment. You guys have taken to kicking it on the couch like this…and, well, it’s devastatingly cute.

Doughboy (his real name is Dorian, like my middle name [your middle name is Justin, like my first name]) will always hold a very special place in my heart. He and I met each other a long time ago and for awhile there, it was us against the world.

He loves you. You love him. And your ma and I love you both.


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Happy First Father’s Day, Daddy!

Happy First Father’s Day, Daddy! You look… tired.

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Bud Shot!


To quote the boundlessly clever Jay Ryan, another strangely amazing and talented benefactor of Jonah:

“Who’s the beardest of the club, who lives in NYC?

B-R-I,   A-N-E,


The amazingly thoughtful Brian Ewing sent a pair of ears back from fabled Disneyland just for our boy. Just for Jonah. And it was so sweet. And we are so in love. Still. Forever. With this goddamn kid.










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Bud Shot!

Love this photo of Jonah, Justin and Uncle Aaron.

Rocket Society 2011 – “What the Future Holds…”

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